apneaWhile it’s common knowledge that orthodontic tools like braces and Invisalign can help straighten out your teeth and enhance oral health, there are other benefits hidden in these tools as well. You may have heard that orthodontics can aid in the treatment of sleep apnea, and we’re here to address that very issue.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed or you know someone who is looking for additional sleep apnea treatments, keep reading. Considering that almost 18 million Americans are affected by this sleep disorder, the following information could be extremely useful in more ways than just one.

Types of Sleep Apnea
Of course, before you can learn whether or not orthodontics can help with sleep apnea, it’s important to understand the different varieties. There are three main types of sleep apnea:

Can orthodontics really help treat sleep disorders?
Yes and no. While correcting tooth and jaw alignment issues may have small, positive impacts on breathing passages, it is not recommended to use braces alone for sleep management. Orthodontic tools like braces are to be used as a preventative measure for sleep apnea or in conjunction with a prescribed treatment like CPAP machines. Together, orthodontic tools and prescribed sleep apnea treatments can work effectively towards giving you a safer, more restful night’s sleep.

That being said, it’s still important to speak with your orthodontist about sleep disorders. If there’s a chance that orthodontic tools like adult braces or Invisalign can help you even in the slightest, you should be aware of the opportunities your dental provider can give you.

Whether you’re experiencing sleep issues or you believe a family member is suffering from them, don’t forget to contact your orthodontist. For more information, contact our team at Sunrise Orthodontics.


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