Sleep Apnea 101: What Is It and Can Orthodontics Help?


While it's common knowledge that orthodontic tools like braces and Invisalign can help straighten out your teeth and enhance oral health, there are other benefits hidden in these tools as well. You may have heard that orthodontics can aid in the treatment of sleep apnea, and we're here to address that very issue. Whether you've been diagnosed or you know someone who is looking for additional sl ...

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Should Adults Still Consider Braces as an Option?


When you think of an orthodontist, it's likely you're thinking of children and teenagers. Have you ever considered the fact that braces and other orthodontics services are still viable options for adults, as well? It's true! Whether you're suffering from shifting teeth or you simply aren't happy with the state of your teeth, orthodontics for adults should be a solution you're considering. Here ...

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pediatric orthodontics

Is your child mouth breathing?


You might have noticed that your child’s lips are separated while they rest or sleep. This is typically the first indication of mouth breathing. Mouth breathing is often associated with anterior tongue rest posture. These positions can become a dominant reflex, causing the tongue to invade the oropharyngeal area, reducing the airway. This can result in snoring in children as young as two years o ...

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invisalign for teens

Considering Invisalign For Teens? Here Are 3 Major Advantages


So many Americans have teeth issues. In fact, nearly one in five Americans doesn't have a proper and ideal bite, resulting in further dental problems as they age. That's also why kids and teens need to take care of their teeth as much as possible when they are young so their teeth are healthy and strong in the future. Braces can work wonders for helping teenagers straighten out their teeth, but ...

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orthodontics for children and teens

Answering Common Questions About Braces


When it comes to orthodontics, many children and teens express uncertainty at the mere concept of having a mouth full of metal. Of course, anyone who's ever had braces can probably tell you that they don't feel nearly as invasive or uncomfortable as they may seem. But before your child gets braces, it's important to make sure they know what to expect to put their minds at ease. Here are some answe ...

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