What Is TMJ and TMD?

The “Tempromandibular Joint” (TMJ), or jaw joint, enables the opening and closing movements of the jaw. Tempromandibular Disorders (TMD) occur as a result of problems within the structures of the joint, known as temporomandibular joint internal derangements. TMD may alter the following:

TMD diagnosis

Dr. Calkins provides a comprehensive TMJ exam, using advanced imaging to create three-dimensional perspectives of the joints. Dr. Calkins evaluates the foundation of your articulation through MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), the gold standard in medicine for imaging of the TMJ. It allows Dr. Calkins to see the soft tissue and the bones of the face. As a result, she’ll be able to assess the following components of your TMJ:

During your examination, Dr. Calkins will discuss your diagnosis and explain recommended treatment options.

Schedule your TMJ consultation

If you have jaw pain, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. If you’re experiencing changes in your bite without pain, or orthodontic relapse in your lower jaw,

We are proud to provide advanced TMJ care for children and adults in the Reston, Herndon, McLean, Falls Church, Vienna, Ashburn, Leesburg, Great Falls and Washington D.C. metro area.

Our team refers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging to MRI of Reston, with radiologist Dr. Karan Lotfi.


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