The FACE Philosophy – Functional And Cosmetic Excellence

Dr. Calkins is a proud adherent of the FACE philosophy and certified to practice it.

FACE orthodontists seek an alliance between the functional and aesthetic goals of orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry. These goals are similar for patients of all ages: beautifully aligned teeth that fit harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints, promoting healthy tissue, efficient chewing, proper lip support, and ideal facial balance.

The philosophy incorporates comprehensive diagnostics, thorough treatment mechanics, and the latest orthodontic advancements for treating the entire dental and facial system with an important place for cosmetic results.

Principles of the FACE Philosophy

Facelift orthodontics. Restoring your youthful look after multiple extractions

If you’d had multiple tooth extractions, your face has lost some of its natural support. As a result, you may have noticed that your face is changing shape. It can look as if it’s collapsing in the area of the mouth and the change can make you look older.

Dr. Calkins uses an interdisciplinary approach to return your face to its natural, youthful look.

Here’s more good news. Most cases can be treated without surgery.

Learn more about how you can get back the youthful look of your face.

Interdisciplinary Treatment

Leadership in comprehensive & integrated dental & orthodontic care

Dr. Calkins believes in comprehensive integration of all dental disciplines to arrive at a correct diagnosis and an optimal outcome. The entire team at Sunrise Orthodontics will gladly coordinate your orthodontic needs with your other treatments. We recognize the value of strong communication between doctors and will work with your family dentist and physicians to enable the most effective treatment program. We regularly communicate with your family dentist during your treatment and follow-up visits. A constant communication and shared vision among your different doctors will allow you to achieve the best results.


Admit it. You think all orthodontic offices are the same. Most are. We aren’t. We believe your experience should be something special.

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