Your face is unique, and your natural smile would be, too. It’s the one you were always meant to have, because it would go beautifully with all of your other features. So your face would have the well-proportioned look you’ve always dreamed of.

Why patients choose Dr. Calkins

To recreate the natural smile that fits your face beautifully requires an orthodontist who possesses an extremely rare combination of professional expertise and artistic talent. Dr. Liliana Calkins is one of the few orthodontists in the country who brings this exceptional combination to the care of her patients. Her goal is to achieve functional and cosmetic excellence – your natural facial balance through complete anatomical, functional, and aesthetic integration.

A gentle, reassuring way with children

As the mother of two young children herself, Dr. Calkins knows it’s important to make children comfortable with their treatment. She has a gentle, encouraging manner that they respond to and that parents find helpful. She loves to see the happy expressions on children’s faces when they see the appearance of their teeth improve. Teenagers and adults also relax when they experience her gentle, reassuring approach.

The importance of early treatment

Dr. Calkins is one of the few orthodontists who specializes in early intervention of orthodontic problems, so treatment can begin before the child’s teeth and jaw are firmly set in place. For optimal results, correction of dentofacial orthopedic problems can begin as early as age 4 or 5. Early intervention is also important in other types of craniofacial imbalances, so that naturally beautiful harmony can be achieved as the patient grows. Dr. Calkins is expert at the state-of-the-art Myobrace™ System, which allows her to take into consideration the child’s airway, facial growth, and the development of the dental arches.

Facelift orthodontics. Restoring your youthful look after multiple extractions

If you’d had multiple tooth extractions, your face has lost some of its natural support. As a result, you may have noticed that your face is changing shape. It can look as if it’s collapsing in the area of the mouth and the change can make you look older.

Dr. Calkins uses an interdisciplinary approach to return your face to its natural, youthful look.

Here’s more good news. Most cases can be treated without surgery.


Admit it. You think all orthodontic offices are the same. Most are. We aren’t. We believe your experience should be something special.

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